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I'm an avid reader. I'm a lesbian. PRIDE month and sassymonkey's day off have conspired to bring me here to blog about queer reading lists. I have stumbled upon some problems while writing this post. Let me tell you about those problems.

First problem, while I am an avid reader and a lesbian, I don't generally choose books simply because they're written for a queer audience. I sometimes do, if I'm lucky enough to have heard about a new GLBT book or we wander into a woman's bookstore. Generally speaking, I just read whatever I stumble across and those books tend to not be queer. (Check out my Queer tag if you don't believe me.)

Except in the case of YA fiction. Thank goodness for Lee at I'm Here. I'm Queer. What the Hell do I Read?. What a great blog if you love YA fiction and if you love queer YA fiction you are never going to run out of great books to pick up at your library.

What generally happens when I get a craving for a good queer character or story line and I haven't just stumbled across a new GLBT title or into a woman's bookstore is that I turn to my old favorites and hope they have something new. People like Sarah Waters (don't let anyone tell you The Little Stranger doesn't have a lesbian storyline, they're lying to you), Robert Rodi (Hysterical guy whose website indicates his blog is coming soon. That will be awesome. I love him and enjoyed seeing him at the Printers Row Lit Fest a few weeks ago), Katherine Forrest (Oh look, stuff I haven't read!), Jeanette Winterson (Isn't it time for her to have a new book because really, the kids books are nice but I'd like something grown up please.)

When I turn to my old standby authors and come up empty I am faced with a new problem. With almost 1000 individual blogs in my feedreader, only Lee's blog mentioned above consistently recommends GLBT books. My book bloggers recommend great books but none of them focus on the queer folk. And none of my queer bloggers consistently talk about books, either. (Liz Henry talks about books but not often enough and not always queer specific. And yes, she is sometimes too science fiction-y for me.)

I can find book lists like About's Lesbian Summer Reading List for 09 and that's helpful. (Yes, my library reserve list is growing.)

There's always the Lambda Literary Award List to turn to but still, not a regularly updated resource for new queer books.

Which leads me to another realization. There are no interesting GLBT book list memes. (Or if they are, they are so darn hidden that I can't find them ... and I'm incredibly good with a search engine.)

I found reading challenge obsessed - GLBT Reading Challenge which is fabulous. But, this is not a book list meme.

Here's another PRIDE reading challenge that I like but it's still not a book list meme.

Time to build one and I'm challenging you to help me build it. Once we've built it, I'm going to ask you to pass it around. A lot.

This meme should go the way of all great book list memes:
* bold the ones you've read
* Italicize the ones you intend to read
* Underline the books you love.

Can we get to 100? It feels like 100 is a good length for a book list meme - 1000 from the Guardian feels like way too much, don't you think?

I'll start us off with these 7/10/9: Updated the list to include suggestions:

1. Annie On My Mind
2. Written on the Body
3. Fag Hag
4. The Complete Claudine
5. The Price of Salt
6. While England Sleeps
7. Luna
8. Fingersmith
9. At Swim, Two Boys
10. The Swimming Pool Library
11. Nightwood
12. Gaudi Afternoon
13. Middlesex
14. Henry and June
15. Affinity
16. Tipping the Velvet.
17. Life Mask
18. The Sealed Letter
19. The Intersection of Law and Desire
20. The Dave Brandstetter mysteries
21. Fruit
22. Hood
23. Skim
24. The Book of Salt
25. The Geography Club
26. Boy Meets Boy
27. The Bermudez Triangle
28. Butterfly Tattoo
29. A Home at the End of the World
30. The Lost Language of Cranes
31. How I Paid for College: A Novel of Sex, Theft, Friendship, & Musical Theater
32. Hero
33. From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun
34. Empress of the World
35. The Complete Poems of Sappho
36. Kushiel's Legacy (series)
37. The Lesbian Body
38. Beebo Brinker
39. Heather Has Two Mommies
40. Stone Butch Blues
41. The Renunciate Series
42. Zami
43. This Bridge Called My Back
44. The Runaways
45. Cycler
46. Gossamer Axe
47. Earth Logic, Fire Logic, Water Logic (series)
48. The Gilda Stories
49. The Shattered Chain
50. Ammonite
51. Trouble and Her Friends
52. The Marq'ssan Cycle
53. Dykes to Watch Out For
54. Fun Home: A Family Traigicomic
55. Rubyfruit Jungle
56. Curious Wine
57. Coal
58. Another Mother Tongue
59. Diving Into the Wreck
60. Dusty's Queen of Hearts Diner
61. Well of Loneliness
62. Fried Green Tomatoes
63. As Meat Loves Salt
64. Patience & Sarah
65. The Screwed Up Life of Charlie the Second
66. Debbie Harry Sings in French
67. Family Man
68. Bittersweet
69. King of the Screwups
70. Mahu Fire
71. Death of a Dying Man
72. Dearest Anne
73. Justice for All
74. Alice B Toklas Cookbook
75. Zen and the Art of
76. Shy Girls
77. Other Girls
78. Journey to Zelindar
79. Herland
80. She Walks in Beauty
81. Diesel Fuel
83. Same Sea as Every Year
84. If Not Winter
85. Orlando
86. Desert of the Heart
87. Strange Sisters
88. The Misfits
89. Bastard Out of Carolina
90. Giovanni's Room
91. The Object of My Affection
92. Valencia
93. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
94. Liquor: A Novel
95. Aimee & Jaguar
96. Trans Sister Radio
97. Kitchen

Leave your suggestions for the GLBT book list meme in the comments. I'll compile them all and when we've got the definitive list, I'll set up a Mr Linky or something so we can all pass it around to our friends and family members (straight folks are welcome to play too!)

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