Glitter for the holidays: A little dab'll do ya

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I would hereby like to admit a secret compulsion to douse myself in glitter this time of year. Yes, me, an ordinarily not-so-glittery kind of gal.

As Poppy most excellently put it, a veteran of the 1990 Urban Decay Glitter Wars should know better. 

And I do. Mostly. 

But there's something about all that tinsel on the trees, all the
crystal-sugar dappled star cookies that my daughter cruelly brings home from
school, all those blasted ads for diamonds that seep into my cosmetics consciousness. I see sparkle and I too want to sparkle.  

Glitter around the eyes? Dangerous territory for an old broad like me. Glitter across the collarbones and shoulders? I'm not nearly cool enough to pull that off. But a little sheen on the lips at a swanky soirée  -

Ah, bliss.

Plus it helps stop you from eating all the dip when you arrive.

A few lovely options for you, each one cheaper than those diamond studs:



1. Prescriptives Colorscope Lip Gloss in Twinkling

Lots of talk by Prescriptives about space-age polymers and antioxidants, but I don't know about any of that. I just know this is a sleek, buttery gloss that goes on with a teeny little brush and stays on quite nicely. Twinkling is a fairly netural, subtle gold sheen that looks nice over all different lipsticks. 

$17.50 at



2. MAC Tinted Lipglass in Oh Baby

I can never figure out the difference between MAC Lipgloss and Lipglass and Dazzleglass and Lustreglass. (Is lustering better than dazzling? Does it have something to do with that British e after the r? ) Alls I know is that the Oh Baby Lipglass is absolutely terrific. It has quite the following with women of color, but I find it's flattering on all different skintones. Don't be scared of the glittery bronze - it's more subtle than you might think.

$14 at

(Psst, I also hear that the Copper Bliss from Queen Latifah's Cover Girl Collection is a decent drugstore alternative to Oh Baby - $4.94 at



3.  YSL Touche Brilliance in Gold Shimmer

YSL creates the kind of fancypants lipgloss that makes you understand why some people shell out money on expensive cosmetics--and then curse the day that you did. Touche Brilliance is more irridescent than actual sparkle, making it veddy veddy sophisticated. Gold Shimmer and Pure Diamond are probably the most obviously festive, but darker shades like Sparkling Garnet help your lips work the room just fine, thanks. Plus it's completely fun clicking the back of the "pen" to make the gloss come out on the paintbrush tip.

$29.00 at or through department stores like Nordstrom


So what say ye, all festive revelers of BlogHer? Do all thinks twinkly and shiny for the face get a thumbs up or thumbs down from you? And do you have a favorite sparkle-maker you'd like to share?

Liz Gumbinner is the co-founder and editor of the shopping blog Cool Mom Picks

[mac photo via glamblush


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