Glitter scientists, I need help!

Ok, so I've never ventured in to the land of Mod Podge plus glitter before and let me first state, it is absolutely glorious and magical, and it transported me to another land of crafty enlightenment.

However, after covering the soles and heels of a pair of shoes in glitter I realized I have no idea how to seal this bad boy off.

Do you just walk around shedding glitter until the excess is all gone?

Do you tap them viscously against the sides of a table banging the loose glitter off?

Is there some kind of sealant?

I am at a DIY loss!

Oh glitter fairies of Blogher please give me your knowledge!

What do I do?

The shoes are on my blog, ....

Thank you for helping me save my now favorite pair of shoes from slowly losing all of their glittery goodness!


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