Glitter Sh***er

So this prissy little lady occasionally shows up in my photos. She is impatient, cuddly, and high maintenance. So it only makes sense that she demands a pretty little place to do her business. 

First, I have to share my inspiration for this magical throne. While vacationing in Shreveport Louisiana, Joni and I came across the best slot machine I’ve ever seen.... “Kitty Glitter.” Afterpissing away my $20, it came to me. With my inconsolable desire to see glitter around the house, it only made sense. I had to get her to tap into her Kitty Glitter bad-self.

For this princess, I decided to go with a pale pink glitter. I found it at hobby Lobby and its called “soft pink”.

Our litter box has a lid, so I started with that. Take your mod podge and cover areas bit by bit. Shake on and dust off the glitter. Going piece by piece will allow you to keep even coverage and fill in any spots you may miss. 

A small bottle of glitter allowed me to almost cover the entire litter box. But since we have ours next to a big piece of furniture, I didn’t need to cover the whole thing. She loves it. And looks so dainty while tending to her womanly needs. Here's the completed project. Glittered in less than an hour!

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