Gloria Allred was with me on December 4th at 12:30pm

When my business partner and I received an email from Gloria this past Friday stating that she was suddenly free for our video interview, we were shocked and thrilled. We knew she was in the midst of the Tiger Woods case and as such, we were originally set to visit her Malibu home on Saturday. We later learned that she cancelled her press conference that, according to her daughter Lisa, was most likely due to a settlement from the parties at hand. Gloria invited us to her LA office for a 30 minute interview that I wished lasted all-day. She put her trial aside to talk about all things motherhood and empowerment. Gloria's interview will be loaded to our site,, to inspire our online community of return to work and working moms. Gloria Allred is a woman who should be in the forefront of the news, not Tiger Woods (a man who can't keep his club in his pants!).