The Glorious Money Tree Chapter Ten by Jennifer Jo Fay (fiction in progress)

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The Glorious Money Tree Chapter Ten by Jennifer Jo Fay  (fiction)



Flavia the fairy's home


In this chapter follow Sally Driscoll as she wishes her money tree would grow.  Then she witnesses something.


I think I'm on a roll for a little bit with two chapters in a row in two days.  How cool is that?

Don't you hate it when you procrastinate and you know you have to come back to something?  It's always there waiting for you.  

My novels patiently wait for me to come back.  I will get there and someday they will get done.  I just go at my own pace and when I call it done it will be ready to think about publishing.

Some authors take about ten years to write a novel while others can pump two or more in a year.  I don't know how James Patterson does it.  I would surely love to know his secret.

I decided to bring my livescribe pen home last night and work on today's chapter.  I got it started.  That pen is awesome.  I have yet to subscribe to the site that is linked to it so you can convert your handwriting to type but I have already used it for my handwriting, some artwork and other stuff for scrapbooking.  

You can upload your writings to the Livescribe site and share with others.  And you can also record.  I already have my girls voices on it.  Fun.  Fun.  Fun.


Jennifer Jo Fay

August 20, 2012





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