The Glory Days of sobriety

The Glory Days of sobriety.

Sarah Gillespie is an incredible singer songwriter who is about to release her third album ‘Glory Days’.
Trust me, when I tell you how good it is.

Sarah is a unique and rare talent, you can read reviews from her previous albums here. If you happened to be in the mood to download something original, thought provoking and soul stirring, then this is the album.

Sarah Gillespie

Sarah Gillespie

The other thing about Sarah Gillespie is she is also my oldest and dearest friend.
We met in a college drama class when we were both 16 and I hated her on sight.
Because she was the former girlfriend of my current boyfriend.


Therefore she was: The Enemy.

My then boyfriend, spent a few months flitting between the two of us while we glared at each other across our local bar.
We continued to have several classes together and despite my absolute resolve to hate her until my dying day, I discovered that I really liked her.
Which was extremely annoying.

And so began a life long friendship.
Along with our other friend Emma, we travelled across the USA as teenagers, oblivious to danger, we drank abundantly and partied recklessly in whatever city we happened to be in. It was blast, well for Sarah and Emma it was.
I had already begun to disintegrate.
By the time we were in our twenties my relationship with alcohol and drugs was already going downhill.
I hid my drinking from everyone, so no-one really knew how much I drank or how I really felt. But I know, Sarah sensed I wasn’t happy.
I was an inconsistent and unreliable friend. I was self-centered, selfish and self obsessed. I flitted from one man to another, imposing all sorts of inconveniences into other people’s lives.
Those were desperate days for me.
I tried not to see my real friends and pushed people away because I couldn’t bare anyone to be close to me. I loathed myself so much I didn’t want anyone to see how black I was on the inside.
Despite all this our friendship endured.

As any alcoholic knows, it is the people who have consistently stayed in our lives and supported us no matter what, that have made the difference between life and death.
It is the simple things that friends do that make an enormous difference, that show us, that perhaps we are worthy of love.
Sarah did that for me.
It was her consistency that made all the difference.
I only have three friends* remaining from my drinking days; Sarah Gillespie is one of them.
I burnt through friendships and acquaintances when I was drinking because alcohol always came first.
If you have experienced the aching loneliness that is alcoholism, then you will also know that real friendships are something to treasure. Especially the ones that have lasted over half your life.

I have been sober for over 13 years now and am rich and abundant in friendships. I have tried to be as good a friend to Sarah during that time as she was to me during my drinking. Which is why I wanted to write something about her new album on my blog.
Obviously I’m biased, but I dare you to have a quick listen on iTunes and resist buying it.
After all Glory Days is what sobriety is all about.

You can buy Sarah Gillespie’s album Glory Days here.

*Sarah, Emma and Linzi – The three girls who stood by through my drinking years and are still my friends during my glory days of sobriety.



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