(Gluten Free) Belle of the Desert

Belle of the Desert is my personal blog. It's an outlet for sharing my thoughts, experiences, opinions and everything else that may pop into my brain from time to time.

I am 31 years old, recently discovered that I am gluten intollerant and am making the switch to a gluten free lifestyle. I'm also a student of Psychology and a huge Phoenix Coyotes hockey fan. I counsel heroin addicts for a living at the moment.

I love Marilyn Monroe and all things pink, shiny and sparkly.

I have entitled this blog "The Belle of the Desert" because I am a full-blooded, dyed in the wool Southerner from Leesburg, GA. My hometown has a population of approximately 2965 people. I didn't particularly want to move away from my Southern home - I moved to Arizona to help with some family matters. Once I got here however, my life started taking a new direction, I fell in love with a hockey team and decided to stay.

That was in 2006 - I've been a Phoenix Coyotes season ticket holder since 2008. My family has since relocated to California - myself and my father are all that remain in the desert. My life has changed completely since I moved here - in many different ways. I'll share some of those things with you along the way.

I've just purchased my first home, and look forward to sharing my "fixing up" attempts with you. I say attempts - because I've never been a do-it-yourselfer. I'm a pay-someone-else-to-do-it'er.

I believe things happen for a reason and it has certainly shown itself to be true in my experience. Join me on my journey through this crazy thing we call life - maybe you'll learn something, maybe I will too...