Gluten Free Corn Tortillas for Ground Turkey Soft Tacos

Corn Tortillas for Ground Turkey Soft Taco

I wanted to make homemade corn tortillas. I have made gluten free flour tortillas in the past and, they are fantastic. So, corn couldn't be that hard. There are a few recipes out there that use just plain corn flour. Um. I am not sure how they do that, mine were a crumbly mess! As I started to research more, I found the best corn flour to use is the mexican corn flour Meseca. Luckily, our local grocery has organic, gluten free, and hispanic sections. I know, lucky me!

This is the easiest recipe ever! Add water. I followed the recipe on the package for 8 tortillas:

1 c. Meseca flour
2/3 c. warm water

The dough will be soft, if it seems dry add more water, 1 tblspn. at a time.

Perfect soft dough

Then, section out 8 balls and use a tortilla press to press out the perfect corn tortilla. Place in pre-heated skillet, or on griddle and cook over med heat for about 90 seconds each side. (I did not use any spray or oil) Once done, place in tortilla warmer lined with a moist cloth (my cloth was white, and you couldn't see the tortilla so I removed it for the photo) until ready to serve.

6 in all natural corn torilla

These satisfied my craving for ground turkey soft tacos! We are using greek yogurt in place of sour cream and it is fantastic! We cannot tell the difference and it's a much healthier option, keeping with our clean eating!

I will never buy flour or corn tortillas from the store again, the taste simply fails in comparison to freshly made!


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