Gluten-Free, Now What?

When my Pastor said two weeks ago that this fast would be life-changing. I didn't know exactly how life changing it would be.

A few days into it I was starving. Not hating life though but pretty hungry ha! After day 3 though? I felt so much lighter, cleaner, healthier, happier. My anxiety completely went away. My last day of anxiety was January 15. Granted that's only a week but if you have anxiety then you know that week is like a year to you. It has been the most amazing feeling to finally have control over things. Or at least feel like I do.

I'm actually a little worried for the fast to end. lol I have already made permanent life changes when it comes to eating but right now during the fast I would feel guilty for eating something because I feel like God is standing next me saying "don't doooo it" haha! But afterwards? I just hope I have the same feeling lol!

I've made the decision to not resume eating meat. The thought of chicken makes me gag. I am now completely gluten-free. I will also be dairy free because it can have the same effects as gluten.
I don't crave sugar anymore and it feels like a cloud has been removed from my vision. Life is just so much more clear now and thinks make sense. I wish I could explain that better but if you live with anxiety then you know what I'm talking about.

Not only do I feel amazing but I've also lost 15lbs. I know that also has to do with the fast lol but I really think the gluten-free is making a difference in that aspect as well.

I've been looking at a few sites for gluten-free tips, recipes, and ideas.
First of all, I sure hope it tastes the same. I haven't had anything but fruits, veggies, water, and some rice cakes in the past two weeks so I haven't able to try anything that is gluten-free like snacks and what not. I love my dessert! lol Second, gluten-free is EXPENSIVE! I know there are specialty stores here where I can get the majority of my groceries, but dang! Whole Foods needs a coupon system or a rewards card. SOMETHING.

I am so relieved though that after a year and a half and so many questions. Waiting for so long for answers and after what seemed like an eternity of anxiety that lasted days upon days that there is finally an answer. Isn't it crazy that it's something simple like needing to be gluten-free? Good to know that I'm actually not, in fact, crazy! woo!

Are you gluten-free? Do you have any site recommendations? Please share!

Happy Thursday y'all!

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