Gluten Slave No More

Ever feel like a slave to gluten? Breaking free from gluten is just like any other life changing event... difficult, timeconsuming, and risky. The good news? We're in good company. Millions of people either want to or need to break free from gluten and food manufacturers are starting to provide more GF products. The bad news? Those product are usually expensive and the extra costs may be holding some people back from breaking free.  Many of these products aren't very healthy either.

I'm a celiac, along with my entire family. This creates a particular challenge. If I'm not careful about what I buy or serve, everyone can be sick. Going gluten-free requires one to read every single label of every product--not just once, but everytime. This takes time, practice, and a working knowledge of what is gluten-free and what is not.  Occasionally, I have an  unpleasant surprise--like recently finding gluten in mayonaise. Who would think? It took me several months (and allergic reactions) to figure out what the problem was. A cruel reminder of just how important labels are--both in our ability to read them, and their accuracy. 

I read the labels for certified gluten-free products as well... why?  Because I want to see how much sugar, fat, and calories have been added. The other day I looked at a GF bagel and figured out that one-eigth of it maxed out my carb limit for the day. One-eigth! Who eats just one-eigth of a bagel? This is taking the old adage 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' to a whole new level.  


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