Go Green Live Long


Ways To Act Green Before Going Green


Are you broke and wondering how you can go green, well I have news for you-there is no rule that says you have to spend money to be eco friendly. Start by reducing your consumption it is good for your pocket book and the planet. Start with your utility bills -reduce them by only 10% this season and you will see the difference.

Set a green budget that allows you to upgrade your house or appliances only when you have enough money saved up-you do not have to be in debt to go green.

Give your home an energy audit and you will be surprised how much you will save by just blocking the one tiny hole at the window or door. You will save thousand; for starters, my energy bill went from $800 to $150 by just using insulations to close the holes on my windows and doors, a $20.00 expense.

You need to take the following steps today and you will save thousands by years end:

1. Disconnect your appliances when not in use and unplug

2. Get a simple programmable thermostat ($40.00)

3. Closing off drafts and boosting insulation can help reduce your heating and cooling bills by up to 20 percent, according to Energy Star, a joint project of the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy.

4. A low-flow showerhead—which uses less hot water

5. Replace a traditional light bulb with an energy-efficient one

6. Recycle

7. Plant a tree

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