Go Home, Occupy Oakland!

I've officially had it with the Occupy Oakland protesters. They seem intent on destroying any iota of credibility the movement still has. It's embarrassing.

First, on Sunday, they tried to illegally take over a convention center to "draw attention to the problem of homelessness." When the police attempted to stop them, albeit violently, the protesters responded by pelting them with bottles, rocks, and other objects. There goes all your public sympathy, assholes.

Now, for the second time since November, they're burning flags, one of the most obnoxious, ridiculous, and disrepectful things you can do-- and the most surefire way I can think of to deter people from your cause.

How dare they. How dare they bring ire to a cause so many have worked to advance. Just as I was angry at Occupy campers who used Liberty Park as a space to do drugs and have sex, I'm outraged at these protesters for having no foresight, no concept of the consequences of their actions. What a bunch of babies. I'm ashamed, and moreover, I'm sick of hearing whining from idiot "radicals" who think that by being as obstinate, uncooperative, and edgy as possible they're making progress. Take a look the Tumblr one of my friends posted on Facebook the other day, "Shit Liberals Say To Radicals." Here are some of my favorite quotes:

"I agree with Occupy protesters in general, but I don't agree with their methods." Yeah, you're either with us, or against us! It's that simple.

"Who are you voting for?" Voting is stupid-- it doesn't accomplish anything, man. Anarchist for life!

"Obama would have been able to accomplish more if it weren't for a defeatest congress." Obama is a terrible, terrible president. Everything that has gone wrong, every goal we haven't accomplished in the past three years, is entirely, 100% his fault. Anarchism!

"I love socialism, but Id [sic] rather work inside the system." Working inside the system? Ha-ha-ha! That's ridiculous. TEAR IT DOWN!

"People do need to take some personal responsibility." No, they don't! How could they? Didn't you know that everyone-- every poor person, black person, every disenfranchised person-- is a complete victim lacking agency? Get with it!

I could go on.

If not standing outside of City Hall and desecrating the American flag, refusing to vote, and daring to disagree with the "radical" agenda makes me some kind of sell-out, so be it! My old boss and hero, the director of an amazing community organization in New York, once said it perfectly, "I'm in it to win it." The fight for social justice isn't won through arrogance and childish tactics, but through strategy, foresight, and respect for others. If Occupy Oakland protesters aren't prepared for that kind of fight, they should do us all a favor and go the hell home.

College student, future history teacher, and feminist. 


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