GO FOR IT.....Discouragement....CALLING ALL ANGELS....Betrayl....PRAYER....Faith....CONFUSION....Storms.....GO FISHING.....


We all can get discouraged….Especially if we have tried over and over and met up with failure….Discouragement happens in everyone’s lives from time to time if they are pursuing anything that is truly worthwhile……When we meet up with discouragement what do we do? Do we give up? Do we keep on going?

When discouragement happens we simply have to give ourselves a moment or two to feel the way we are feeling….Not to deny that feeling, but also not to live in that feeling for very long. I think a little of “feeling sorry” for ourselves is not always a bad thing….but I think to live in that ongoing is not a good thing…

Once one has past the “feeling sorry” for themselves stage then it is time to get back up, brush oneself off, and get back out there with a solid and even better plan……Sometimes we have to change our goals, sometimes we simply have to refine our goals, and sometimes we have to create a new map to get to our goals….

Life is about ups, downs, ins and outs……but it is also about Successes…..When we are discouraged we have to look back at our successes in life we have accomplished and know that everyone including ourselves will meet up with discouragement from time to time….The key is to never  to give up on a positive lifestyle….for a positive and happy lifestyle is not linked to just one situation…..A positive lifestyle is linked to many wonderful and different situations in life…..And so when one dream or goal does not work out there are still lots more different ones that will….



I simply do not like cars I cannot easily get out of…….I love a friends  sportscar, but it sits kind of low, and trying to gracefully get out of it just does not work for me…..I simply look awkward getting out of her car as I try to squirm out of my seat upwards…..rather than downwards say out of a pickup truck. I look far more graceful getting out of my pickup truck than I do getting out of her sports car…..



I grew up believing in Angels….That we were always being watched over by Guardian Angels we could not see….and also a second kind of Angel in the form of Earthly people that simply enter our lives to protect us and also connect us to where we need to be….I believe that others can fill the place of Angels and we can do Angel work ourselves here on Earth even when we are not aware we are doing it….

I believe in Angels Unaware….That truly Divine Angels can be watching over us helping us in areas that we simply could not work entirely through on our own without some form of help. I believe that God also uses people to do Angel work here on Earth….People that are placed in our lives sometimes for a moment and sometimes for a lifetime…..

And yes, those Angels that are written about in the Bible…Do they exist….? Yes, I truly believe they do….I have never actually seen one….but I just truly believe they are there watching over my life and those I love….I don’t always understand how they work or their reasoning….but I simply believe in Angels…..

I like to think that when I need help….I simply tilt my head upwards and request from God to please send me his fleet of Angels to watch over me and mine…..Calling All Angels….




What do we do when someone we trusted turns on us? Deceives us in ways that we simply did not expect? What happens? How do we deal with such betrayal….? How do we deal with the devastating knowledge that someone we trusted knowingly turned on us?

It is never easy to deal with betrayal….First, comes shock…the shock that someone could even do such a thing to us….Second, come hurt…the deep sadness that comes with betrayal….Sometimes anger comes into play…an emotion that none of us like….Third comes trying to figure out how to deal with the fallout of the betrayal….And last we have to come to some kind of resolution about it all….We go through stages…


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