Goals For The Next Five Years

I've been trying to convince myself to just up and delete my OkCupid profile. I just seem to have this issue with up and deleting things, though. Nevermind having a somewhat sentimental attachment to the service because several people that I consider to be close friends were met as a result of answering messages on that site and then subsequently going on dates.

The thing of it is this though... OkCupid tends to be the hookup site of dating sites. Okay, I know that's not universally true because I know of several people in serious relationships that started because of OkCupid, but at least in New York City.... It's the hookup site of dating sites. Or at very best, the friends with benefits finder.

Also, when I answered 90% of my questions, I was married and in a polyamorous relationship and I was okay with gathering a collection of friends with benefits. I'm not in that place anymore. I'm separated, gathering up my courage to do the paperwork to get a divorce, and wanting to get myself into a nice monogamous relationship with someone who wants to make beautiful babies with me.

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