God and Tomatoes

The faithfulness Of God and a Tomato :o)

When I first met my husband I remember telling him about the Lord and how important He is to me. One thing in particular was prayer. I encouraged him to pray often, and that we didn’t need to be in a church to pray or a closet, though those times are sweet, but we can pray anywhere and at any time standing, sitting, eyes open or closed, and that God loves it when we take the time to speak with Him. Just like a friend, we don’t just speak to them when we are in a complete crisis, though that is ALWAYS a good time to call upon the Lord, but we can ask God for small things, like,……..to do well on a test, not let your horse jump when you are trying to get on, for a cake to come out right, no prayer is too small. I remember after I told this him, and he came home from work one day and told me about a prayer he prayed, he was a farm hand, and some big wigs were there to look at the race horses on the farm, and it was his job to open the gate, and he couldn’t get the gate unlocked, and he prayed, and sure enough God had the gate open, he thought it was very “kool”! And when I tell people about the Lord I love sharing with them about prayer, that it doesn’t have to be long and formal, though those prayers are precious too and we want to give time in prayer daily, but we can also pray throughout our day. SOOoooooooooooooo the other day I prayed for tomatoes, really! It is a long story but for the past two summers I have not had a tomato garden, so this was my year! On April 22, for my birthday my husband asked what I wanted and all I wanted was tomato plants! So he bought me several, and we planted them and then,……………..the late freeze, I thought for sure they were lost. I prayed over them, really I did. They made it, but they are just not quite right, perhaps the early planting and the near death freeze. Oh I have gotten some small tomatoes, but not many and right now there aren’t even many new ones. I was heartbroken,…………….Ok so you get the idea I enjoy my tomatoes :o) perhaps heartbroken is a bit drastic, but I was bummed to say the least. So I was going to post on Friday, that if anyone brought me some tomatoes I would give them a free dessert, but then I thought, maybe I would get too many tomatoes and then what. So I just prayed for tomatoes. And that afternoon I got a private message on facebook  from a friend who I had yet to meet, she said her and her husband were coming to the restaurant this evening for the first time, and would I like them to bring me some home grown insecticide-free tomatoes? Now first of all I almost never get on facebook that late in the day because I am busy with the restaurant, and never has someone I never met asked if they could bring me tomatoes, I mean really, how precious is God, how faithful, how good??!!! That He would answer such a small prayer! That what matters to us, matters to Him! God really is so good, and He really does love it when we speak to Him. You know I heard a Preacher once say that often we pray so vague, that we wouldn’t know if God answered our prayers or not, like bless this one and bless that one, what does that mean and if he did “bless” them how would we know if we didn’t ask for a specific blessing? Well it really encouraged me to be specific, God bless their marriage or their youngest daughter to walk with the Lord, or a house with a stone fire place, you get the idea, specifics, I think God likes that so you will know without a doubt, that God answered your prayer. Even for tomatoes. And yes today yet again, after church we came home to another basket of tomatoes, Thank you God and thank you Dora and Artie!


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