The God Squad in Charlotte


Just in case nobody else has pointed you in this direction…let me be the first to tell you unequivocally, Barack Obama is NOT the second coming of Christ.


I ran across stories yesterday which seem to promote the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as the son of God, returned to heal the world and save the people. There may even be a ‘stained glass’ church-window-like backdrop on the DNC stage to play up the President’s divinity later in the convention.


I for one get more than nervous over this recklessness. My God is a jealous God and disapproves of men who pretend to His throne. I’m quite certain God Almighty can and will give Barack Obama a quick lesson in humility very soon. In the meanwhile, I’m just aghast at this nonsense.


I’m not surprised that Americans are seeking God. Scientists tell us that when things get tough, we humans are hard-wired to seek comfort from a higher power. Scientists also tell us that religious behaviors seem to be favored in natural selection – a fact which will probably really amuse the Almighty.


These days, with the economic crunch becoming the most painful this nation has known in its history, it’s simply human nature to look for help from Heaven. Oddly, though, I also noted yesterday that the Democrats have removed any reference to God from their official platform. They have also removed language which re-asserts America’s close ties with God’s chosen people and the promised land we’ve promised to help secure for them.  This year’s Democrat Platform even eliminates our long and firmly held conviction that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel.


If the old song was correct, God’s gonna get ‘em for that.


I suppose, for my part I’ll cling to what I know for certain. Pride goeth before the fall. And the fall this fall will be spectacular – particularly if this megalomaniac and his handlers keep elevating this very flawed man to the status of Diety.

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