God Will Make A Way Out Of No Way


What a week! This past week will go down in my book as LIFE CHANGING. Period. My faith has reached a whole new level, thanks to this week. If you’ve been keeping up with NATC, then you already know I had a chance to visit The White House with President Obama this past Wednesday. If you have absolutely NO clue what I’m talking about check out the following posts: Pride Almost Kept Me From Going to The White HouseNikki Goes to The White House (Part 1)Nikki In The White House with President Obama (Part 2).

Having a moment

After launching my GOFUNDME campaign to get to The White House last week, I was riding in the car thinking about everything. I was having a really good week. My blog was receiving thousands of hits (which means all of my hard work hasn’t been in vain), I had a really good phone call about a opportunity that I pray opens up, and now it was looking like I was headed to The White House. Pinch me. In the midst of everything I told the Lord “Lest I NEVER forget”.

God will make a way out of no way

I guess you can say I was basically raised in church. Once my mom remarried when I was 11 years old, we were all of a sudden born again Christians who went to church EVERY Sunday. I’ve sat in plenty of testimony services and heard about miracles performed by the Lord. The expression of gratitude from the saints were so real, that the hairs on my arm would raise just by hearing about the power of God. As I got older it wasn’t long before God began to manifest His power in my own life, making ways out of no ways.

I WISH I could go down the list of every time God has made a way out of now way. Seriously, this would be the longest post EVERRRR. There’s the time he helped me graduate college. It was crazy. I literally didn’t fully unpack my first semester away, because I just KNEW it was too good to be true, and I’d have to leave soon. Nope. I didn’t leave until AFTER I received my degree. Or what about the time he provided money for me to go on mission trips to Africa and Mexico. It all went the same way. One day I’d be stressing over how I would raise the money, and the next day an opportunity would arise. Just. Like. That. Or I could boast about the latest and greatest. The day I gave my supervisor a 2 weeks notice, seemingly walking off my job with NOTHING lined up. However, he opened up multiple doors, ensuring I wouldn’t miss a beat. And I haven’t.

Don’t forget

Ever read about how the Lord delivered the children of Israel from captivity in Egypt. If not, check out Exodus 14. I mean they had Pharoah’s army behind them, and the Red Sea in front of them. There was literally NOWHERE to go. But God stepped in and made a way out of no way, opening up the Red Sea for their way of escape. You would think after witnessing and being apart of something so unbelievable, yet real, they would NEVER complain or worry again. However, they did. It’s like the children of Israel forgot how the Lord brought them out. When there was no water, God provided water from a rock. When there was no food, God provided manna from heaven. Did they forget?

WE ARE JUST LIKE THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL. Well, I know I am. Just last night I found myself worrying about a few things, and I had to check myself. “Nikki, you just went to The White House a few days ago! You didn’t even know how you’d get there, but the Lord made a way.” How quick are we as humans to forget that the Lord will provide?!? I don’t want to forget. EVER.


Grab a pen & paper, or your tablet and make a list. I challenge you to remember 10 times the Lord made a way when there seemed to be no way. Keep the list in a safe place, and when you find yourself anxious or worrying as if God is not your father and won’t provide, go back to that list.

Love Always,



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