Going all natural on oral care and adding soap into the equation

Been very very busy lately. It started with a visti to the dentist who told me I'm getting long in the tooth... sign of aging. I went home, really upset on my store bought oral care products.  (plenty of them.. . talking a lot of shelf space). I've recalled how my grandmother brushed her teeth with ashes from the fireplace and she never saw a dentist, nor did she have a cavity in her entire life. 

So I started to do some web research and it turns out many many other people, are pissed off with the promises of big cosmetic brands and are tur ning to grandma' recipes. And yes, ashes from the fire are doing a great job at cleaning teeth. 

From here, I leaned what else to use to make my own toothpowder, toothpaste, brushing oil, gum massage oil...etc... plenty of natural stuff for oral care that doesn't have to be as gros as simply ashes. 

Then, it occured to me that if the storebought toothpaste and mouthwash promise us a lot and deliver a littl, maybe the same is true about shampoos, conditioners, face creams, soaps... ah soaps. This is how soap making with kidsI came to discover I can make home soap at home from scratch using whatever ingredient I like it (add lye) and that's how my soap making passion started. I can't help it. I pour a soap almost every night and I blog all about it the next day. 

So, in conclusion. Nature already gave us everything we need to care for our teeth, hair and bodies. Why are we hitting the stores for expensive cosmetics when it's all right here in our kitchen cupboard, our gardens? 

I took the natural route... and all I can say is that I'll never look back. 

If you want to read more about the oral care remedies and soap making adventures, go to http://www.nipnoos.com/natural-remedies-for-oral-health/

Warm regards



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