Going Up The Down Escalator

I'm excercising.  I'm doing it.  Every single day for at least 20 minutes.  It feels great.  Jillian's Shred is my main thing and I do it in the mornings and I can feel my legs are stronger and I can see improvement in my push ups.  I feel plain old healthier.  Over the weekend, I went skiing and walking.  Today I'll to to an hour of yoga.  Finally, I'm making things happen again.  I'm not running because of injuries, but I'm doing something every day.  That's the going up part.

The going down part is my eating.   Our meals at home are good tasty healthy non-inflammatory meals.  The chocolate I'm managing (still managing) to sneak into my body is the issue.  I did pass up the milk chocolate bar at the store today in lieu of our paleo chocolate cake at home, but I'm not in the clear because our paleo chocolate cake is covered in a traditional frosting with loads of confectioner sugar - and there's the addiction.

So I'm making good healthy progress and I feel good about the exercise, but one of these days I'm going to have to have the heart to heart talk with myself and resolve - truly RESOLVE - to start monitoring what I eat.

For now...I'm moving forward, but without much direction.  Soon...I'd like to be be heading straight towards that healthy weight goal that will allow me better energy and health.

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