Remember when our kids were in kindergarten and first grade, came running into the house to show us their gold star that they had received at school that day?  Heck, I remember the feelings of pride getting one of those gold stars!  It is amazing how something so simple got them so excited and drove our little ones to want more stars!  Well today, it will take more than that star to get them jazzed up to do the academics, but I may have something for you mom’s to help you with this dilemma. 

 Last week, I had you head on over to the NCAA website to become familiar with it and find out the information on your child’s sport.  Today I want to focus on the Academic piece.  This is a big one and a priority!  Next to your child’s talent, this is the biggest determining factor in where they could possibly land in the recruiting process.   Here are some of the reasons you need to take the steps to know what the college expectations are for the student athlete and share it with you kids-it could be the “gold star” they are willing to work for!

Remember “student “ is first in student-athlete for a reason.  Schools want the “whole” package:

  • No matter what the talent- grades could prevent your child from getting on the “recruiting list”
  • Grades could knock your son/daughter off the list, when someone with the same talent and better grades comes along
  • Not successfully managing school and sport could be a red flag, Coaches want to see your child can manage their time
  • Grades could narrow your chances of receiving some additional assistance with paying for college

 You can never start too early in the Athletic Recruiting Process when it comes to grades.  After all we all want the Gold Star of Recruiting-seeing our kids happy playing their sport at the college level. 



Mary Beth