Going Greige


I love having painted nails, it's an instant mood brightener when I catch site of them and makes me feel like the girly girl is still in there. In amongst the mummy stuff, the washing, ironing, cleaning and food shopping, she's still alive and kicking. With manicured toes. Besides, time spent of an evening painting my nails is less time spent sat on my arse drinking wine or eating chocolate... or both.


Much to my considerable glee, I discovered some time ago that there are nail polish colour trends to be followed. Whilst I may not be able to indulge in the latest Balmain blazer, Chanel boots or Roland Mouret dress, I can make egg sandwich's, wipe runny nose's, build Lego spaceships and daub glitter glue, all whilst sporting the latest manicure shade. Note to self: never confuse nail polish with glitter glue. Disastrous results.

Uma Thurman started it all in Pulp Fiction when she wore that gorgeous, almost black Chanel shade, originally called Rouge Noir I think but then re-marketed as Vamp. It flew off the shelves leaving the rest of us mere mortals to buy the cheaper imitation shades.

A few months ago it was Chanel again with their jade green - I decided to leave this one to the the Lilly Allen's and Rachel Bilson's of the world.

For the holidays they declared a festive red was the order of the day and I dutifully obeyed in order to match my festive Starbucks cup.


Now, in the spirit of bandying about annoying media blended words, (Brangelina, Jeggings, Shoots, Jedward etc etc ), I've gone Greige.

I bought this bottle of Nails Inc. called Jermyn Street nearly two years ago at The Clothes Show. Yes I know shocking isn't it? I went to The Clothes Show and came home with nail polish.


Anyhoo, having read about Greige, I ran excitedly upstairs to my stash feeling ever so slightly chuffed that I'd been eighteen months ahead of a trend...ahem. Once I'd conquered my initial fear of looking like a flesh eating zombie and applied the sludgy grey/beige hybrid, I do admit to quite liking it.


So what do we think? Does it get the thumbs up... or the finger?






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