Going Home, and Back to Church

Lititz Moravian Church 2011 Christmas Family Lovefeast.  Our Star :)

On Sunday, I decided since we had zero plans for the day until Dexter started at 9pm, well, I went to church. And I didn’t get struck by lightning. And it all came back, why I’m a believer, how God moves me, how present he is there at Lititz Moravian Church.

Michael wasn’t going to come at first, but then he changed his mind and came along. It’s a 15 minute drive from my mom’s house and we got there by 10:10 or so and I took Michael right upstairs to the balcony where I used to sit every Sunday morning when my kids were growing up. The only problem was, the front row balcony seats were already taken and the other set of pews, the trumbone choir was playing.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. When I pulled into the parking lot, I heard “Karen is that you?” and it was an old friend, I’m talking 12 years ago now that I’ve been in Milwaukee since I’ve seen her. We hugged and walked together to the church, caught up on what our kids are doing. 12 years ago, Nikki was a senior and Jeremy had already been in Philly for a while going to school at Drexel. Her girls are gone... the older daughter is in Oregon and younger daughter in Delaware. She made me realize how blessed I’ve been having Nikki so close by. We hugged and I introduced her to Michael (I was getting divorced from a different Mike back then).

When we got up to our seats in the balcony, we were greeted by the Trombone Choir.  And another friend from back when our kids were little.  Michael said that he was so touched that people remembered me and hugged me and were so happy to see me.  That's just the way it is in my church back home.  The first time I went, I knew that's where I belonged.  I felt God there.  I haven't found him in Wisconsin yet, so it's time to stop complaining and start church shopping.  


Anyway, we decided that maybe we should give Lake Mills Moravian Church a try.  It's 40 minutes away, but that is only 10 minutes longer than it takes to get to Nikki's house.  

What about you?  Have you moved from home and left your church behind?  Did you find a new church that was good enough?


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