Going Pro - Making the Move to Full Time Blogging/Social Media work.

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Skills 3: The Business of You
About You
Morgan Shanahan

Sure, we all dream of being Dooce and hiring a bevvy of minions off the success of our personal blog.  But Heather's been at it for a decade and has a twitter following that rivals the President.  So how do you make blogging and/or social media your full time business while you build your empire?

Armed with only my personal blog as a portfolio, I managed to go from laid off and on the unemployment line to working at home and making my entire living from the internet - and I did it with out joining any weird pyramid schemes that you see advertised via Adsense.

This session will discuss how you can use your blog to put your best foot forward and tailor it to attract employers (or at least, impress them once you get them there) who are the right match for you.  We'll also do a little myth busting and explore the illusion that great opportunities are falling into bloggers laps.   Chances are, if a blogger you follow snagged a great gig that's got you green with envy, they went out there and made it happen for themselves - and you can too.  After all, what's a sucessful Room of Your Own session without a little group therapy thrown in?