By Anne Wall

We're doing our best to turn Wisconsin into a "red" state in support of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Most polls show Romney and Obama in a near dead heat in Wisconsin, but I believe republicans have greater enthusiasm and a well-orchestrated ground campaign. If voter turnout is similar or better than the special recall election this summer, republican candidates may do well in Wisconsin. 

Mitt Romney rescheduled his event at State Fair Park near Milwaukee for Friday morning, November 2. The president, along with an entertainer, are scheduled to appear downtown Milwaukee on Saturday, November 3. Ann Romney was in Green Bay this week. Paul Ryan was also in Wisconsin midweek. 

Yesterday, I participated in a Victory Event along Lake Michigan in Racine, WI, with Paul Ryan and the Republican Team. This event was originally scheduled outdoors at Riverside Park. Fortunately, the organizers moved the event indoors to the lovely Memorial Hall. The aftermath of the "super storm" brought cold and windy conditions to this area. Waves in Lake Michigan topped 20 feet in height the day before. 

This was one of several events in which I have spoken recently. There is a smaller, more intimate "Women for Mitt" coffee scheduled for this Sunday in Delafield. It's been a lot of fun and a great honor to be an advocate for Mitt Romney, a former colleague whom I admire and respect.

At the rally in Racine on Wednesday, I had the honor of giving the opening remarks before two state representatives, our republican senator, a congressman and vice presidential nominee spoke. Although it was held in the middle of a workday, it was a packed assembly hall. By my estimate, there were roughly a thousand people in attendance at Memorial Hall for Paul Ryan's event.

What most people don’t see behind the scenes is how well orchestrated productions like these have become. The Romney and Ryan campaign events remind me of the professionalism that we experienced during the Olympic & Paralympic Games, with a pace even more intense. I have to hand it to the GOP and Romney Campaign folks, they really know how to produce high quality events and fill them on short notice. They also did a great job with security and media coverage.

Look for more campaign coverage in Wisconsin when Governor Romney speaks tomorrow. 


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