Golf: Do New Clubs Improve Your Game?

New Golf Clubs

I met my husband 13 years ago in a Golf chat room on Yahoo.  So right there tells you we are both golf nuts.  Seriously... we met in golf chat!  


Every 3-4 years we buy new golf clubs.  The reason?  Because technology keeps getting better, and you do get more yardage.  That is if you can golf. 

I can’t.  

When Michael got married, I had Tour Edge ladies irons and woods.  The reason I picked Tour Edge as my first set of serious clubs is that I had won a Bazooka Driver back in the 90‘s when I first started to golf.  There was a contest on the Tour Edge web page.  I entered and won.  It was so cool!  Of course I bought the rest of the set to go along with it.  Giveaways are a great marketing tool! 

The first time Michael and I went to demo days at Edgewood GC, it was for Calloway golf clubs.  I lusted after the X-14’s and was so excited when we tried them and both of us loved them.  That year we bought new clubs, we each got a new bag, and personalized golf balls with our name on them.  It was pretty exciting and I was certain that these golf clubs were the tools I needed to break 100 and finally start playing better.

That didn’t happen though!  I hit the Calloway woods and irons really well sometimes, but more often than not I still hit crappy shots.  But I had confidence that my game would improve now that I was using Calloway’s!.  So I kept playing, excited and anxious for my game to come together.

Did I mention that I have 10 putters?  That’s a true fact.  And the putter that works the best for me is my original Ping putter that I have had for 20 years.  But of course when my putting game stinks, I think it’s the putter’s fault.  

I’ve finally learned that it is me, not the putter!

We also went to Demo days when the Calloway x-18’s were released. Both hubby and I replaced our clubs with the new driver, fairway clubs, and irons.  It was a few years later and technology had improved some more and when you are at the range during demo days, for some reason you always hit the demo clubs well and you are sold.  Again on the hopes of being able to score lower. 

This time, when I bought my clubs, I got covers for the irons.  I wanted to treat them with respect and I didn’t want them to touch each other in the bag when we were driving from shot to shot.  Michael thought I was cuckoo for wanting to use iron covers and he predicted that wouldn’t last long.  He was wrong though, I am meticulous about putting the covers on my club after I shoot.  The iron covers are wearing out, but my golf clubs are still like new.

Now I’ve been playing with my x18’s for a few years and again, my game has not improved.  We have a lot of money tied up in our clubs, after all golf is our hobby, and we want to use the very best.  Since we don’t upgrade every year, when we do, we treat ourselves to the best. 


see my Epiphanie Lyric Bag Hanging out?

When we went to Puerto Rico and played at Trump International, we rented Taylormade clubs.  Both of us hit them well, and we didn’t score too bad (if you count over 100 an ok score).  By now we have stopped trying to be so competitive and that has helped both of our games.  We stopped taking the game so seriously.  

Never will we play on The Tour. haha 

Michael and I are hackers.  But back to the Taylormade’s, hubby fell in love and has been so excited for demo days to be here.

I was going to go along and try out new clubs, but I am just easing back into golf after having been on hiatus for so long after my back surgery and knee replacements.  We hit the links once in a while together, but he’s mostly been playing with one of our son-in-laws when I wasn’t able to golf.  

This year, I decided to jump back into golf with both feet.  I’m going to make myself enjoy it, make myself get back into that golf nut mentality that I had when I first met Michael.  When golf was our thing.   

I don’t want new clubs.  Well maybe I kind of do, but I have the new Nikon d800 on order (at his urging) and photography is really my hobby now, much more than golf is.  I don’t want to be greedy and get new clubs too.

And the weather kind of helped in my decision to go to demo days.  It is 47 degrees, cloudy and windy.  That’s mother nature telling me she doesn’t want any more of my balls in the woods and water, that my Calloway x-18’s are good enough for me!  And I stayed warm to write about it!

Besides, even with the best equipment out there, my game hasn’t changed much at all.  Despite all the lessons, all the rounds we have played, sometimes 6-7 rounds a week the first few years we were married, I just cannot score better. 

I think some people have the golf gene.  Apparently I am not one of them.  My clubs are good enough.  They are excellent as a matter of fact.  The golfer however, is not.  I accept that, and my new weapon on the golf course will be my Nikon d800, all 36.2 megapixel, full frame, lightweight goodness.


the real reason I love golf:  beauty in nature


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