gone girl [book review]

I'm having a reallyyy hard time writing a review for this book.  I finished it this afternoon and I'm not sure exactly how I feel about it.  It took me two tries and nearly two months to finish this book.  I just couldn't get into it in the beginning.  In fact I wasn't a fan of the whole first half of the book... It was nearly torturous to get through.

Gone Girl is a story about a woman, Amy Dunn, who goes missing on her 5th Wedding Anniversary.  The entire first half of the book is about the investigation of her disappearance.  Which is heavily leaning towards her husband, Nick Dunn as being a bad guy.  The story is told by Nick && Amy [via her diary] in a take turns every other chapter format.  I don't normally mind this format, however, Amy's chapters were incredibly boring to me.  I found myself skimming them.  You're supposed to feel sorry for each one of them for different reasons as they describe to you the problems in their marriage.  The problems themselves were trite and could only be classified as "first world problems".  I didn't find myself empathizing with either of them.  

The second half of the book slaps you in the face with a dark twist.  I admit it caught my interest at this point.  Mainly because I was trying to figure out how we were going to drag this out for another 50% of the book, after revealing that big of a bombshell.  Both characters are revealed as deranged, which was exciting.  It still just fell short for me.  

The ending [which I obvi won't reveal] was far more twisted than I expected.  I think it was slightly depressing, but fitting.  When I hit the last page on my kindle, I looked up at my son and said "that sucked".  However, as the day went on && I reflected on it more, there's a part of me that really enjoyed the ending.  

Overall, I just didn't get the hype of it.  The writing itself was great, the story was just missing something.  I'm anxious to try another book by Gillian Flynn though, and will probably see the movie in October.  It has Neil Patrick Harris, of course I'll see it!  Aha!

[myyy goodreads rating for Gone Girl: 2/5 stars]

Have you read Gone Girl?  What was your thoughts?  

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