Good Adoption News!

This past weekend, I received word from E’s appeals attorney that her job was finished: bio dad’s appeal had been dismissed, which means E is now legally free for adoption! Words cannot express how excited we are. Of course, there is now tons of paperwork to go through, and a new homestudy to be done, but we are so close!

E finishes eighth grade in a couple of weeks, and B-mom and (I think) B-sis are planning on attending. I anticipate a little awkwardness, as he will be announced with my last name, and the bio fam will be meeting Dude and Dude’s kids and my parents…but I also think it’s a really great thing that we can welcome them to big events like this. I’m sure there will be confusing identity moments to come for E. After all, he is an adolescent, and that’s his job. However, I think being able to know about where he came from and share the memories that only they know will be so beneficial. Open adoption is weird, but so is adopting an older kid. It’s also ridiculously satisfying and enriching. I highly recommend it!

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