Good News in Iraq and Europe

Ill-informed Democrats like Barack's other Veep vetter Eric Holder
may believe Europe will love us with Barack, but he must have missed
the last few elections over there which brought center-right leaders
(as best you can expect in socialist Europe) to power--Germany's Angela
Merkel, France's Nicholas Sarkozy, and the irrepressible Silvio
Berlusconi in Italy.

Funny how it concentrates the mind when
Europe has to face the fact that they may be on their own for their
defense with an Obama presidency. Now that Iranian missiles can reach Europe. Now that we find they may have nuclear-tipped capability already. So these leaders have backed us on NATO vis a vis Iran. Even England's Gordon Brown, chastened by his recent stunning election losses, has promised us more British troops in Afghanistan and stronger sanctions on Iran.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi people know which future US leader they would prefer, and has al Qaeda met its Vietnam?

We are winning in Iraq, no thanks to Barack Obama and the surrender our safety at any price Democrats.

UPDATE: From an OpEd in the leftist Guardian, Oliver Kamm, "Bush made the world a safer place"

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