Good Night Stinky Face

Mr. A and I went grocery shopping one afternoon without the munchkin. We were just grabbing some quick things for dinner before we picked her up. I had made it to the end of one of the aisles and remembered I needed pasta sauce. Before I knew it Mr. A was high tailing it down the aisle to go grab it. He left me with the shopping cart at the other end of the aisle. He took off so fast and I couldn't figure out why. All I could think is how strange and unlike him that was to so quickly take off before I finished a sentence. Then it hit me. It hit me like a ton of bricks. My nose hairs tingled and my eyes immediately watered. The pit of my stomach turned over. The over powering odor was so wretched. I made eye contact with a guy that had was walking down the aisle toward me, and as soon as the odor hit him it was like he immediately hit a force shield and ran into an invisible wall. The woman next to me who was carefully reading all the boxes in front of her wrinkled her nose and started fanning her face, trying to get it away from her. It lingered for what seemed like a life time. There were so many people around me just staring at me with disgust. How long does it take to go down the aisle, grab a jar of spaghetti sauce and come back anyways? There was nothing I could do. It all made sense now. The only thing I could do was laugh, which made me look even more guilty while I patiently waited for Mr. A to return.


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