Good parenting: It's all in the details

I like to pay attention to what my kids are doing. That's what good parents do -- they are actively engaged in every activity their child is doing, closely monitor the time spent on the computer and watching TV, they NEVER use the TV and computer as a babysitter so they can take a nap, they don't let Pop Tarts count as breakfast, and they don't let dirty clothes pile up in the hamper and when looking for something tell them whatever is in said hamper and it's okay to wear just for today.

Sadie came out today and asked for a cup of chocolate milk. I made her some, and when I turned around she was using a straw that was, I believe, most recently seen one month ago on her fuzz- and dirt-covered floor under a pile of clothes, papers, markers, and stickers. By the time I realized the last place I’d seen it, it was already in her mouth. That should take care of any vaccinations, right?


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