The Good Wife

The Good Wife

Are you tired of being the Good Wife?  I’m sure you’ll agree that when we say our vows we have the best intentions.  Our twenty-something selves actually believe in the fairytale.  We are dressed in a fluffy white dress looking like the icing on a cupcake.  Yet, somehow this didn’t tip us off that it wasn’t realistic.  So, we became the Good Wife.  We all intended to be just that but it didn’t matter how ‘GOOD’ we were, it all fell apart (or it is falling apart).  Let’s look at a fictional Good Wife.  Alicia, from the top notch legal drama The Good Wife makes a great case study.   You’ll see the ‘sacrifices’ Alicia (played by Julianna Margulies) makes repeatedly for her husband’s political career.  Even after he cheats on her with prostitutes  she continues her commitment to his cause.   She clearly isn’t a stupid woman since she has her own prestigious career as a defense attorney.  In fact she is intelligent, elegant, beautiful and a good mother.  So why does she continue this sham of a marriage?

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