Goodbye to Formula

I've never talked about it very much on the blog, (sorry if this it TMI) but Jimi was not so good at nursing. Or maybe it was my parts malfunctioning, but whatever it was it was never easy for us. From the beginning I was concerned with his latch but whenever I asked the nurses and lactation consultants for help, he would do it perfectly and they would claim there was no problem. I started using a nipple shield which seemed to help a lot until he was about two months old. Then he would nurse for an hour, stop, and just scream. He would refuse to nurse anymore and keep crying until we gave him a 4oz bottle, which he would chug. This happened every two hours. We had to start supplementing with formula then because the only way my body would produce enough milk for pumping was if I skipped a nursing session (and I wasn't left with much time for pumping with how long he took to eat), which would mean he was getting formula anyway. By three months, this had just become a completely exhausting process for all of us. I know breast milk is best (and I had intended to do it for longer) but I heard from our doctors and read in many books, that what was best for both of us was what would make us happy and be less stressful, so we decided to switch completely onto formula.

Well now, 10 months later, Jimi is finally off formula! Woot, that's $25 less a week we need to spend. Just after his first birthday we began a slow transition from his soy formula to whole milk. For the last month we've been gradually increasing the ounces of milk while decreasing the ounces of formula. We did it slowly for a couple of reasons. #1) Jimi had a reaction to regular formula (which is why he was on soy) so there was a concern he may have an allergy to milk. #2) He is the pickiest kid alive as I've mention previously and we wanted to give him time to adjust to the new stuff.

We've been giving him 1oz formula to 7oz milk for about two weeks now, trying to finish off the can. He's been on just whole milk for two days now with no problems. Which means we get to return this back up can. An extra $25 back in our pockets (who are we kidding, it'll probably just go towards more food for Jimi). The $2.58 for a gallon of milk a week is much better price tag than $25.

Next up: Get Jimi weaned off the bottle. I had started doing this before we transitioned to milk but I decided one traumatizing thing at a time for the kid. He only has two bottles a day and does not use a pacifier so I figured it's not that bad of an addiction for him to have.

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