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Some people read the dictionary for fun. I read the BlogHer blog lists for fun. When I see an unfamiliar name, I like to check it out and see what I'm missing. I often find blogs that are too good to miss ever again.

Consider Kim Woodbridge's blog (Anti) Social Development. Kim offers readers help with WordPress. She writes about social media, RSS, Twitter, and all kinds of tech resources. A few recent examples from (Anti) Social Development include How to Conditionally Display WordPress Sidebar Content with is_page , 10 More Interesting and Useful WordPress Plugins: Comments, Posts and Databases and How Twitter Can Assist You With Your Job Search.

In Kim's article on WordPress Login Security she says,

I probably login to 5 different WordPress sites every day and I’m becoming concerned about the lack of login security being used by clients. The username is admin, the passwords are words that aren’t hard to guess, the same password is used in WordPress, ftp and for the MySQL database and they don’t change the login after I have completed working on the site.

So, this post is going to be a gentle nag and is going to include a couple of basic security tips.

At Adventurista, Sarah Tavel has been interested in cloud computing lately. More specifically, Why Amazon’s AWS Won’t Be the Only Game in Town and Why specialty cloulds will need to hustle to stay competitive with AWS, she's been comparing Amazon Web Services with other types of cloud computing.

The shift that is clearly taking place, however gradually, from on premise data centers to centrally-run cloud computing utilities, is enough to capture any IT geek's imagination. The trend is so massive and at the same time so logical, analogies are drawn between the shift to cloud computing and the shift to the electrical grid.

Adventurista also takes on topics like Twitter, software, and mentoring women in tech.

Everyone is interested in Twitter these days, including Char at Essential Keystrokes, who recently wrote Getting Started on Twitter in Plain English.

While Twitter really started out as a way of filling in the gap between email and blogs, it has become so much more! Twitter has become the ultimate networking tool (just ask Wendy at Sparkplugging about how Twitter landed her a spot on the Today Show), it has become another tool in a brand’s marketing toolkit, and it has become the place to make new contacts, find resources, and get connected in the social media arena.

Essential Keystrokes also writes blogging tips, talks about CSS and SEO, examines tools, products, and tech toys, and much more.

Solar Girl is a Bulgarian BlogHer. Her blog is Solar Energy - Green LIfestyle for You. You can find out about Types of Solar Pool Collectors and green topics such as earth day, earth hour, and even a solar-powered movie premier in London.

In Sun Jar Solar Girl describes

Sun jar collects and stores sunshine so you can use it at night. Inside the jar are a highly efficient solar cell, rechargeable battery and low energy LED lamps. When the jar is placed in direct sunlight the solar cell creates an electrical current that charges the battery over a few hours. This energy is then used at night to power the three LED lamps inside.

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