Is GoodSearch a good choice as a search engine?

I don’t know about y’all, but at my house, the word “google” quickly became a verb.  If I look for something on the Internet, I “google it;”  it doesn’t matter which search engine I use.  Since I've found GoodSearch, I may have to find a new verb.  Google, Yahoo, or Bing have been my search engines of choice for a long time.  Since I discovered GoodSearch I've decided it’s what I’m going to use until eternity.


“Why?” you ask.  It’s not a better search engine than the others; in fact Yahoo powers it.  True, however every time I use it I donate to the charity of my choice.  A fraction of the revenue from ads on the page is donated to that charity.  The question to ask is, “Why not?”

I found out about GoodSearch when I was researching a blog post for a charity, for women with cancer, called Cleaning for a Reason.  On their “donations” page, they offered GoodSearch as a way to donate painlessly.  I decided to test it, and am pleased with the search results.  I’ve made Good Search my home page and use it many times a day.

It’s true that every search only generates about a penny.  But, let me see if I can multiply: If I only did ten searches a day (which is an extremely low number for me), I would donate 10¢ per day.  Over the course of the month, I’ve donated $3.00 and in a year about $36.00.  No, it isn’t much … but it didn’t cost me anything.

If 100 people used GoodSearch ten times a day, in one year a charity could receive $3600.00 in donations!  Now we’re talking cash!

If you’d like to try it for a day or two, simply visit the page that lists participating non-profits and search for the charity of your choice.  They have a jillion of them --- name it and it’s probably on the list.  Choose that charity, and start searching.  Your pennies start adding up.

When I search, I open the page that tracks my charity … so I can see those coins accumulating.  It’s pretty satisfying to watch.  GoodSearch may not be the best search engine, but it relieves some of my guilt about my hours spent searching on the Internet.

Have you tried GoodSearch?  How many pennies do you think you’d donate a day?  I’m just curious.


Shelly Kneupper Tucker

writes at This Eclectic Life


Twitter handle: @shellyktucker


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