Goosebumps from Dipnotes

I was over at the UN last week. Staffers from a variety of countries
mentioned how great it feels to the international community to know
that the US is back--resuming its rightful place in among the member
countries of the United Nations. One woman said to me that she goes
around these days smiling and saying "Yes, we can!"

What gave me goose bumps? Being reminded what a profound impact
Hillary Clinton is making as Secretary of State, and a SOS who
understands and prioritizes women in her approach to the rest of the
world at that when I signed onto my Twitter account (I'm Heartfeldt if
you want to follow me) a moment ago and saw the following tweet from Dipnotes, the Department of State's blog name and Twitter handle.

Question of the Week: How Best Can Women’s Rights Be Expanded Internationally?

The world recognizes March 8 as International Women's Day. During her recent travel to the Middle East, Secretary Clinton met
with women who are developing their own businesses through a
microcredit program. Promoting women's economic and political
participation is an important element of U.S. foreign policy and a key
component of democratic development.

Yes, indeed we can! Check out the Dipnotes website and leave your opinion there. And please tell us what you said over at Heartfeldt Politics Blog also.



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