GOP Presidential Debates #2 and #1

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I had to choose between Monday Night Football or the re-run of the debate because I had to work late and didn’t get home to watch the debate when it originally aired. I chose to watch the rerun of the CNN/Tea Party debate ~ almost thought I was watching the first debate. The first debate I thought was terrible, so I didn’t bother to blog about it, but the 2nd debate last night was a little better.

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  • Gov. Perry explained his statement about Social Security being a "Ponzi Scheme." Reality: He wants to fix it just like everyone else in the country.
  • Mr. Herman Cain was very clear and defined about what he wants to do. Unfortunately, he will have to deal with Congress and his dreams may be crushed if elected president. I think he would be a great VP.
  • Former Speaker Gingrich was just as entertaining as he was in the first debate. I actually like his style, it’s about time we have a straight talker. I will not vote for him -- too much personal baggage.
  • Rep. Ron Paul was informative. I wish I could figure out his thought process.
  • Gov. Romney did very well I thought overall, but he really needs not to focus on Gov. Perry so much -- it makes him seems a little insecure.
  • Rep. Michelle Bachmann did a good job.
  • Former Senator Santorum seems like a nice guy and his answers are straight forward.
  • Former Gov. Huntsman did a good job and had his facts in order.


Both Democrats and Republicans want to create the same results. The real argument is what policies will create the results. What American women need to remember is that newly elected officials that show up in DC realize quickly that what they wanted to do out on the campaign trail is not reality.  There are many factors to consider a) lobbyist b) political party in charge of the House c) political party in charge of Senate d) special interest groups and the list goes on.

Last night’s winner & losers:

Winners: No one. Americans are still getting the same political ideas.

Loser: Americans.

I don’t know if I’ll watch another debate. Why?

  • Both debates were focused on Gov. Perry & Gov. Romney
  • The hosts of both debates asked the same questions
  • The candidates gave NO specifics on how to fix the problems
  • No one talks about how they work with the Democrats and lobbyists

**Americans do not lack ideas from politians. Americans lack leadership that can create results..

On the lighter side, from my Facebook page:

Perry: what the heck color was that suit? Terrible. Immigration: Buck up cowboy, terrible.

Romney: you think that’s his real hair? He needs to talk solutions and not worry about Perry; he was weak.

Cain: needs to be VP.

Santorum: Nice guy but needs to go home.

Bachmann: Bless her heart for running -- just love her!

Huntsman: Nice guy.

Rep. Paul & Newt will be the only reason I watch another debate. Pure entertainment.


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