GOP Rep. Candice Miller (MI) on Washington's Health Care March Madness

Many GOPers have alluded to the popular March Madness basketball tournament to describe the shenanigans regarding health care on Capitol Hill this week. Rep. Candice Miller (MI) took on the analogy in speaking out against the Democrats' health care bill today. Here is what Congresswoman Miller has to say about it:


This week marks the beginning of March Madness in college basketball as fans from across America will be rooting for their team in the NCAA Tournament.  In Washington, Congress will start its own version of March Madness as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will bring to the House Floor the massive health care bill.  While college basketball’s version of March Madness will be based on true competition, Washington’s version looks like it will not be so fair.
The American people have watched as the behemoth that is the health care bill has lumbered forward for the past year and they have been outraged at both the substance of the bill and the process with which it has been built.  While the American people want Congress to focus on our economy and building an environment where new jobs can be created, they are dumbfounded that Congress would consider a health care bill that is funded in a large measure with job killing tax increases.  Seniors are concerned that they are being asked to shoulder much of the cost with over $500 billion in cuts to Medicare on which they rely.  Those who love freedom are deeply troubled by what many believe is an unconstitutional government mandate that will require everyone to purchase government approved health insurance or face fines, additional taxes or even jail.
In the effort to secure votes for this monstrosity, the Democrats have resorted to questionable tactics.  Americans were outraged by outright vote buying with the Louisiana Purchase and Cornhusker Kickback where special deals were offered to individual Senators to secure their votes.  And now Speaker Pelosi is hatching a truly mad scheme in order to pass this bill.  In fact, the plan under consideration would have the House pass the Senate bill without ever actually voting on it. This would be done with a perversion of the process that would have the House pass a rule which would “deem” the Senate bill passed if another piece of legislation amending the bill is passed.

 Everyone would like it if their team could be deemed the winner of a game if something else happened, but in the real world they will actually have to score more points than their opponents.  Only in Nancy Pelosi’s Washington can you win the game without playing the game.  This attempt to avoid accountability through questionable.


You can read more about what Milerl has to say here.


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