Gossip Girls & the Law of Attraction

Hi, it's Tricia Kelly here again....The Law of Attraction and 'Gossip Girl.' This is a show that gets high rating, and lots of kids that are loyal devoted fans... My fourteen-year-old daughter is one of them and was overly excited, the new season has started... I was the opposite, here we go again. A show that every second line is a negative, spiteful, and hurtful... not to mention the under-age drinking, and their endless sexual partners. (I know, as a teen, this is an exciting time for them. They are experiencing and developing their own GOD given sexual energy both physically and mentally... and you can't take that away from them or control those feeling or thoughts...maybe get them to put the act on hold for a few years.)

I sat myself down on the couch next to my daughter with the same excitement too... because I know, if I'm one of those parents who wants to live the 'law of attraction' principle, I can't put my daughter and her choices down, EVER!
If this show brings her joy, I have to go for it and work around how this show can benefit her in an uplifting way.

It was actually a great way to discuss why in reality these characters wouldn't create anything for themselves. They would be attracting energies that vibrate that same negative exchange. 'The like attracts like' rule.

You can't sit there and wish you could turn it off. Find one thing that connects you to your kids' joy. It might be the characters clothes, or someones' great smile, or a cute guy, or great music, or that rare good deed within the story line.

Use these shows as a way to chat to YOUR kids.

Teach them that in REALITY, you wouldn't manifest any of your dreams acting like some of these characters.

GOSSIP, never hurts the person that you are gossiping about, it only ever hurts the people that do the GOSSIPING.

Teach your kids this valuable information, 'if someone says something hurtful about you, they are depleting their own ENERGY. Teach them to believe in themselves, to like who they are, and enjoy the rewards they will get from their kindness, appreciation, respect, and the COMPLIMENTS they give others, that's a huge source of positive energy, not like GOSSIP, that's a big drainer of energy.

It's hard for kids to find out this valuable information.

This is one of the reasons I wrote, SPIRIT BOY, (now on Amazon) for the young teens to read Spirit Boy's wisdom and observation of family, school and life events in a way that's never been available before.

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