Got Hormones?

Got Hormones?
I want to discuss the “M” Word.   There are so many options nowadays for this time in a
women’s life.  Great options, choices and comfort in knowing that the medical field is really trying to find a better way to help with it.  I am finished with having babies, I have crossed over
Chillo Pillow Pad
into the stage of life when that is no longer an option.  There are so many fun things to purchase for the “M” time like chillos.  A cool water filled pad that reacts to your warmth by cooling.  I love mine and have kicked the cat, Royal Princess of Heat, off the bed.  I did not experience as bad a time as some report having with symptoms. 
Black Cohosh
A few years ago I knew something was up when an old Brady Bunch episode made me feel extremely nostalgic and seeing a picture of Barbara Eden from the Jeannie television show made me feel weepy (plus Farrah dying, Friends is on Nick at Nite, I love the 80's should be nominated an award and just other things).  I also can’t get  my body temperature to adjust sometimes.  If I get even the tiniest bit hot I can’t cool for an hour or so. 
There was a time of evening after I came home from school and before supper.  My mother would be cooking our meal and my Dad would sit at the kitchen table.  They kept a small television in the kitchen and reruns of Mash, Gomer Pyle or Hogan’s Heroes would be on.  The theme music to Mash can hit me over the head with that feeling of nostalgia harder than the tune Greensleeves on a rainy day.
Delicious Tidbit:  Only about 50% of women suffer from hot flashes, the rest of us just live in the South!
Off to the doctor I went and was greatly surprised at the choices women have now.  My doctor does not believe in hormone therapy for longer than two – three years and none at all for any women with a family history of heart disease.  I was happy because I really don’t want a temp fix anyway.  I have a great diet, need to lose to weight but eat mostly healthy, low caffeine, no smoking, lots of water and lots of sleep.  I must exercise more and really feel better when I get it.  My doctor recommends medication for anxiety, natural sleep aids like melatonin and if symptoms worsen (and they did after a couple years) to get an ablation.  

I googled Menopause images and got this guy!  My doctor does not look like this.  ^

And, this guy!  
<----------------- Where are these doctors?

Then I got this guy below with something called male menopause!  Ha, what do they have to complain about?  They suffer gradual loss over years.  Try waking up one week without 50% percent of your hormones!  Then we will talk about suffering.

Delicious Tidbit:  Novasure is a safe procedure using radio frequency energy (radio waves) to permanently remove the uterine lining (endometrium).  Results have included a significant reduction in menstrual bleeding, stopped periods, reduced PMS symptoms and reduced pain and cramping.

Their website is Here Novasure

Chillo can be pleased under your pillowcase
It was better than a vacation with spa treatments, no side effects and long lasting effects (it has been over one year for me) and my life is normal again.  In fact it is better than normal because I feel like I did when I was in my twenties except with no PMS.  

Roll on Cooling Gel, Cool!  I want to use this at the pool!  Their product info states that this is for when a 
"hot flash strikes, all you can think of is cooling down. Poise* Roll-On Cooling Gel is a revolutionary new product that helps you feel comfortable and refreshed. Gently roll it onto your wrists, chest or neck for a cooling sensation that lasts up to 10 minutes. It's lightly scented, moisturizing and discreet." 

There are some other, um,  "interesting" products available but I won't discuss them here!
Diet, exercise, yoga, good movies, great hobbies, lots of sleep, medication, natural treatments and surgical treatments are at your fingertips.  Fun things like chillos, acupuncture, foot baths can help too.  I hope you all feel this wonderful and are able to find what helps you the most.


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