Got Milk? Yeah, Right Here In My Breasts.

A friend of mine is once again baring her breasts in public.

No, she hasn’t returned to a career as an exotic dancer.  She’s breast-feeding her third child.  And I exaggerate.  She doesn’t flash her flesh.  She discreetly covers the baby and herself with a blanket before the critical unveiling.  But judging by the shocked expressions she gets from lookers-on, you’d think she had yanked off her top in the middle of church and twirled nipple tassels while whistling “The Stripper.”

The sad truth is that our society is more comfortable using breasts to titillate (yes, I think that’s the perfect word choice) than to nourish.  Even though breast milk contains disease-fighting antibodies, society only wants to see breasts flopping out of halter tops, swim suits and evening gowns, especially if the flopping is in the interest of capitalism.