got a vanity to toss on the bonfire?

Below is an excerpt of my post about conference jitter-induced primping. As a first-timer, it takes the edge off my own jitters to hear that others, even "old-timers" are going through the same. I cited a few vanity table confessions. I'd love to hear yours.

good enough?.JPG

Hear that? A high pitched buzz, audible only to women? It is the sound of leg waxing, hair coloring, spray tanning, teeth whitening, protein shake swilling and bathroom scale groaning. It is a constant sound—like the noise emitted by florescent lights—but if there were a way to measure it, you would see a pronounced spike this week emanating from the internet.

You would stand over the readout, and ponder the cause. You would trace and isolate specific samples of it:

You would begin to notice something. A common denominator.

BlogHer '07 I'm Going

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