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live for each other * or in other words, your problem is my problem 

the other evening i was staring at this tea tag and it got me to thinking. what if we really did live for each other? i'm not talking about in that really intimate way that you live for your partner, spouse or children but the bigger picture.  take out religion, politics and the financial stuff that confuses connections and what are we really left with? i mean living for each other in the broad community sense where we all want to see the best happening for everyone.

uh, huh? what does that mean? well, i guess what i'm trying to say is that we all have to safeguard each other. after my last post, i keep thinking if we want something done we have to do it ourselves. and of course, we have to do it collectively. take a look here at exactly what i'm talking about:

Nice day Jeremy 

a heartfelt suggestion note *  having a not so nice day with that clamshell container * jeremy starts the styrofoam / alternative packaging discussion at a bagel place in l.a.

i guess what i am really saying, is that to make this change a reality, we all have to start the conversation. i will give you another example. my friend, jillian, contacted the owner of her gym about the bottled water they sell. upon her suggestion, not only did the gym raise the price of the bottled water to discourage impulse purchasing but they also requested everyone bring their own reusable bottles. in addition, they are going to start a new program to cut down on wasting towels (and laundry service, which in turn wastes less water etc) AND implement a reward token system that donates to local fitness charities. legend has it that at google, the best parking spots are for the hybrid cars. 

at the end of the day, it's our bagel shop,our gym, our grocery stores, our beaches, our water, our forests and all of our other resources . . . 

besides, do you really want to eat this:

Peppers a local grocery store stores some peppers . . .yikes!



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