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Hit the streets in style! We’re bringing you to the most fashionable restaurants and hippest hangouts in New York City. Get bloggers' insider tips to the best eats from Battery Park to Brooklyn, Midtown to Morningside Heights, Chelsea to Chinatown. Being a VIP has never tasted so good.

New York

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New York Food Guide: Tips From Local Bloggers
Meister Nervous Cook
With so many different ethnic cuisines to choose from, what's one restaurant offering eclectic fare that won't break the bank?
Aki Sushi on W. 4th in the West Village. Not only is the quality of the fish absolutely stellar, the menu is lively and inspired. The chef draws from both Japanese and, of all things, Jamaican flavor influence to create unusual and delicious signature rolls, and the more traditional menu items are all always top-notch. Refined, intimate, elegant restaurant; really reasonably priced for the quality and experience.

-- Meister, The Nervous Cook

John & Elana
What food trends are sweeping the city right now? Where do you go to discover them?
Pizza is a huge trend, not only old-school New York but also Neapolitan wood-fired pizza. Brooklyn is a great place to try a few: Roberta's, Franny's, Paulie Gee and Forcella all rank, while Manhattan can boast Co., Keste, Motorino, Luzzo's. For truly thin crust (Roman-style), Rubirosa. For a traditional American thin crust, head to Di Fara in Brooklyn or Grimaldi's. For the best Neopolitan experience, head to Keste or Co.

-- Elana & John Iaciofano, John and Elana Talk About Food

Stacy Morrison
So I know NYC is "cool" and all that, but where can I eat with the kids and still get a good meal?
Believe it or not, New York's restaurants are very kid-friendly, so there's no need to go to the Hard Rock Cafe (please!). But the most kid-packed neighborhood in all of NYC is Park Slope, Brooklyn, so you'll have your pick of cuisine there: Hit Two Boots for Cajun/pizza; Blue Ribbon for oysters and great, classic American fare; Al Di La for truly outstanding Venetian/Italian; and Fish Camp, Brooklyn if you're in the mood for summer-favorite fish dishes. Want to stay in Manhattan? Head downtown to Bubby's in Tribeca, where you'll get country fare and some really great pie. What kid (grown-up or otherwise) doesn't love pie?

-- Stacy Morrison, BlogHer Moms editor and author of Falling Apart in One Piece

Eleanore Spinsterlicious
What's the city's best-kept secret when it comes to baked goods?
Cupcake Cafe -- all the cupcakes (and cakes) are beautiful to look at, usually decorated with icing in the shape of a flower. My all-time favorite is the vanilla-vanilla (vanilla base cake, vanilla icing). These are not for those looking for a wispy treat. All are dense and buttery, with delicious frosting with a delightful and filling mouthfeel.

-- Eleanore Wells, The SpinsterliciousLife.com

Lunch Studio
To eat from a street cart vendor or to not eat from a street cart vendor? Are the soft pretzels really that good?
The soft pretzels are amazing if you can find yourself a Sigmund pretzelcart! But in all honesty, street carts are not just about the burgeoning "boutique" trucks, but can be the best method of finding some real authentic home cooking.

-- M+Y, Lunch Studio

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New York Recipe:
Amy Milstein Green Mangoes
What is the best hole-in-the-wall restaurant north of 110th Street?
Definitely Lolita's, a Mexican joint at 113th & Lenox in Harlem. Their grilled cactus is not to be missed!

-- Amy Milstein, The Green Mangoes Blog

Emilie I Came to Run
Where can you find a healthy brunch spot that won't blow the budget?
Finding something that is both healthy and inexpensive can be tricky-- especially at brunch! Community Food and Juice in Morningside Heights would be my recommendation. Prices can sometimes run a bit steep, but for brunch they're reasonable. Ingredients are organic and usually local, they've got great vegetarian selections, and really delicious whole wheat biscuits! Beware, though -- tend to get a line as the brunch moves along.

-- Emilie, I Came to Run

Laura Sullivan
Where do you go for celiac-safe or gluten-free-friendly eating?
As a recently diagnosed celiac, I thought there would be no better place to live than in NYC, and I was right! There are gluten free bakeries popping up (my favorites are Tu Lu's in the East Village and Babycakes on Broome. As for eating, there are a few wonderful restaurants -- Heidi's House on the Upper East Side, Risotteria in the West Village, Nizza in the Theater District, and Sambuca on the Upper West Side all offer gluten free options. Hudson Clearwater in the West Village is my absolute favorite restaurant for GF eating, though; the menu just happens to be mostly GF on its own, and the waitstaff and chefs take very good care of you!

-- Laura Sullivan, Life Needs Edits

Kelly Senyei
What's the current hottest table in town?
There's a new hot table in town every week in New York City, but one of the latest and greatest is Miss Lily's on West Houston Street. The restaurant is a tiny kitchenette run by the same masterminds behind the always-packed La Esquina, and Miss Lily's offers Jamaican fare at its finest. Don't miss the classic jerk chicken paired with sweet mango chutney, the fall-off-the-bone pineapple-glazed pork ribs or the grilled corn rolled in toasted coconut. And keep your eyes open for some seriously big celebrity sightings (think Piven and Timberlake).

-- Kelly Senyei, Associate Editor of Gourmet Live, creator of Just a Taste and author of the forthcoming Food Blogging For Dummies (Wiley, 2012)

John & Elana
What is the best spot in Central Park for outdoor eats (restaurant, picnic or otherwise)?
The Rouge Tomate cart that hangs out on 64th and 5th Ave at the zoo entrance. Organic, local and substantial. Try the avocado BLT and wash it down with a strawberry basil "lemonade." Then go back for all-natural frozen yogurt desserts, followed directly by a nap in the park.

-- Elana & John Iaciofano, John and Elana Talk About Food

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