Grab-and-Go Breakfasts Ease Morning Routines

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I remember those days well, when the kids would scream at each other through the bathroom door, racing the clock as if their lives depended on it.

Having all three children going to three different schools arriving at various times CLOSE to each other made for an awesomely GREAT morning! Bitchy was at the high school, Sassy at the middle school, and The Golden Boy came with me to Smith and Wesson Elementary School each day. Each morning was a mix of chaos, frustration, and fighting.

And, in a curious twist of fate, every single morning they landed in the kitchen at the same time, frantically pushing each other out of the way while searching for some kind of quick on-the-go meal that would both travel well on the bus and not cause them to die of complete and hopeless embarrassment.

They invariably ended up yelling first at each other, and then at the mother –- who was blamed for the total lack of cool food in the house.

Children going to school

It only took me about two years to discover some quick and easy solutions to the frustrating matter of breakfast, one that would not require me to take three different orders, each requiring me to cook. After all, I was getting ready for school as well!

So I snipped and clipped coupons, and stuffed my freezer full of toaster pastries, frozen waffles, bagels and breakfast sandwiches. I loaded the cupboard with a variety of breakfast bars and granola what not’s that were easy to snag and thrust into a purse or backpack.

It didn’t take long for the troops to discover that the “grabbing” of the breakfast was now the easiest part of the morning.

We never did master the art of not screaming and yelling at each other outside the bathroom or while searching for matching socks, trying to locate the various pieces of homework and all of the necessary sporting equipment for the day, but honestly, you can’t have it ALL, can you?

Now, who ate all the TOASTER PASTRIES?

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