Grab and Go Toddler Snacks (Frenzied Friday)

We are always on the road, and with a growing Poppet in tow we need to always have quick grab snacks within easy reach. I am not very inventive, so here are my go-to items to always keep in the car or my bag to prevent a big meltdown! (And the angry looks of all those who just know they are better parents than you!)

1) Goldfish Crackers – I actually buy the whole wheat President’s Choice brand Penguin crackers. These crumble easily (and can make a big mess), but they are the perfect size for teeny fingers. I keep an old cup in the car and throw a couple of these “cookies” (don’t tell her okay? Promise I won’t let your kid know either that they’re just crackers!) at a time. It takes her a little while to fish them out of the bottom of the cup before asking for more.

2) A Sippy Cup – Nothing like hearing a toddler ask for wa-wa over, and over, and over again. I use the biggest adult stainless steel one I could find (from Old Navy) with a straw built-in so she doesn’t have to figure out how to tip it up. Kinda like her own personal camel.

3) 100% fruit leather – These are in almost every grocery store in the produce section. They are practically no more than pureed fruit that has been dried. (I may post a how-to at a later date for home-made ones).

4) English Muffins – Thankfully, Tim Horton’s has come out with whole wheat english muffins. I get one lightly toasted with half butter and she chows down.

5) Muffins – Again, potential to be messy, but easy enough to lift up a toddler and simply brush the crumbs off.

6) Fruit cup – I keep a fruit juice packed fruit cup in my bag for those times I really need something quick and nutritious to give her. Because of the juice, I only pull this one out if I’m desperate! But it is a healthy snack that is easy to go.

7) Leftover breakfast – Huh? Yep, take an extra pancake from breakfast. It is soft and easy for toddlers to hold on their own, minimally messy, and you don’t have to do anything but pass it to the back seat for them.

8) Cheese – I thinly slice some cheddar and bring it along if I know she’ll need to eat shortly (dairy only lasts up to 4 hours unrefrigerated).

9) Rice puffs – Or any other puffy cereal that is small enough to not be a choking hazard.

10) Mum-Mums – These are kinda like rusks – but a baby style rice cracker. They quickly dissolve once bitten, making them one of the most perfect grab and go toddler snacks!

Would love to hear your suggestions!

Warmest regards,



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