Jn. 5:17-30 " . .for Jesus not only broken the sabbath observance. . ."
I break the "sabbath observance" all the time--give out clean needles, acknowledge my queerness, hang out with drug users and prostitutes--in fact they are my friends. For I have found in the words of Mark Van Doren--"Eternity is now or not at all. .Eternity is solid as the sun: As present; as familiar; as immense." So live in the eternal now and bring that to others.
For in humans is God, and God is in all. And Ihope by the grace of God that those who behold itthus shall be truly taught and mightilycomforted... - Julian of Norwich -
(Repeat these words, replacing them with yourname where they refer to the "humans". Let thismessage speak to your heart and fill you with theawareness of the God who is in all.)


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