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“Cisco TelePresence. Bringing people and countries a little closer together. That’s the human network effect.” A company mantra is good when it can be memorized outside the company, and even better when it is also embraced by its employees. This is clearly the case of 22-year old Marie Gassée, who joined Cisco in August 2008 as a Project Specialist in Small Business Solutions Marketing, two months after she graduated in Business Economics (with a minor in Global Studies) from UCLA. In April of this year, she spent seven days in Sierra Leone: “When you join a large company right after your undergrad years, you feel somewhat lost at first, but pretty quickly you realize that you can be part of its internal human network. One day, I saw an email from one of the Cisco groups mentioning that World Possible ( was looking for volunteers to go to Sierra Leone. Word Possible is not officially associated with Cisco, but was created by four Cisco employees, Neil Radia, Megha Jain, Norberto Mujica and Pranav Rastogi. Their mission is to improve education and development in poor countries, and in order to deliver on their goal, they have built alliances with various companies. Cisco is one of them. I had heard of their successful mission in Ethiopia. So I signed up for this one” More on: