Grady Sizemore Could Help Red Sox


When the Red Sox announced the Grady Sizemore signing this off season it left a lot of Red Sox fans scratching their head. The off season seemingly got even worse when the Yankees announced the signing of the Japanese star Tanaka. But the Red Sox deal for Sizemore could have just as big an impact as any free agent signing this off season.

Firstly the Grady Sizemore signing is smart from a GM standpoint because of what he will do to Jackie Bradley. Although Bradley is seemingly lined up to be the day one starter in center field that Red Sox do not want him to get complacent or feel secure. Enter Grady Sizemore. No longer an elite player in the MLB he still can provide a value too a team at the plate. With Jackie Bradley's one major appearance in the big leagues leaving a lot to be desired at the plate, putting a player in Sizemore that has hit for both power and average at a high level will help to assure Bradley feels some pressure.

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Sizemore's influence on Bradley however is the bare minimum for how he could help the team, if everything works out Sizemore could be much more. As I've previously stated Grady Sizemore has a history of being able to hit. Several times he has hit 20+ home runs, and earlier in his career his on base percentage was consistently hovering between .350 and .400. Sizemore may not be the same player but the fact that his OBP was so high shows he is a disciplined hitter, and the Red Sox saw last season what Solid backup outfielders can do for you. If Sizemore works his way into starting some games as a backup the Red Sox fans should feel confident that he won't hinder the team defensively,offensively, or on the base path. and may surprise everyone with a clutch extra base hit.

The Grady Sizemore signing didn't turn any heads becauseSizemore definitely won't be a star for A Red Sox team that is settled in at most field positions, but at worst he is a bat to push Jackie Bradley, and at best he is legitimate pop and discipline at the plate along with being a versatile outfielder, and with an incentive loaded deal he will cost the Red Sox almost nothing unless he performs.

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