The Grammys 2012 - Did You Watch?

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First of all CBS and Grammys, I have a bone to pick with you. In the age of Twitter, it is absolutely unacceptable to force us West Coasters to watch awards shows three hours behind. Not. Cool.

Ahem. It was history in the making last night at Staples Center in more ways than one. The ladies seemed to rule over the telecast -- Adele tied records with her six well-deserved wins, Bonnie Raitt and Alicia Keys gave me goosebumps with their Etta James tribute, Rihanna brought the house down with her very own dance party to celebrate Whitney before slowing it down for a vocally impressive duet with Coldplay, and Nicki Minaj closed the show by levitating and speaking in tongues. No seriously. It was kind of epic.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj looking like a wax statue Courtesy of Zuma Press

The loss of Whitney Houston just 24 hours prior was felt throughout the show. LL Cool J (which, I must take this opportunity to remind everyone stands for Ladies Love Cool James) opened the show with a heartfelt prayer, and grief was expressed by many -- but it was Jennifer Hudson's incredibly emotional tribute performance of I Will Always Love You that will likely appear in clip shows for years to come. I'm literally crying right now just from watching a few seconds of it for this post.

Jennifer put her own spin on the melody that Whitney immortalized and the lyrics of the Dolly Parton classic have never felt so poignant.

Okay. And now we switch gears entirely.

Can I just tell you how much I hate Chris Brown? I think that guy sucks like, beyond. Obviously the world is split on this issue, but personally how I don't care how promising of a career he has or how young he was, that guy pulverized Rihanna's face barely three years ago to the day, and what would have been one of the most memorably beautiful Grammy telecasts ever (for me) was marred by his constant presence. He performed (I didn't watch it), he performed again (I didn't watch that one either) -- but most offensively, he won and received a standing ovation. And then some women tweeted some very disturbing things about him. I shudder at the thought. Man I don't like that guy. Actually, I dislike him so much I'll just link to his performance video instead of embedding it.

Uch. Enough about that. Let's take one last look at the beautiful Adele holding her record-tying SIX trophies.

Adele Courtesy of Zuma Press


For a complete list of winners, click HERE. Did you watch? What were your best and worst points of the awards?



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